New regulation for exports to Argentina

Due to new regulations introduced by the Argentinean authorities (Secretary of State for Trade and Industry), as of 1st February 2012 every importer must obtain authorisation by means of a declaration of the goods to be imported, known as a DJAI (Advance Sworn Import Affidavit).

The DJAI is a number that Argentinean Customs demand from importers, NOT from shipping companies.
The DJAI is a form of authorisation granted by the Government to importers in order identify the shipment and authorise import of same.

If the shipment does not have its DJAI and reaches Argentina, two things may happen:

1– The Argentinean Government may accept the shipment and the goods can be imported.

2– The Argentinean Government may reject the shipment. In this case, the Shipper and Consignee are entirely responsible for all and any extra costs entailed by the operation.

Startrans, S.A. shall not be responsible as to whether the Consignee or Shipper manage to submit the corresponding DJAI in time for the entry of the goods into Argentina.