Startrans has extensive experience in transporting oversized cargoes.

Our team of professionals, experts in international logistics, will help you to design every last detail of the journey in order to guarantee the reception, dispatch and delivery of your oversized cargo in the safest, most rapid and most efficient manner possible.

Together we shall analyse the most feasible and efficient transport routes, depending on the characteristics of the cargo. We shall take into account the quality of the service offered by the carriers in question, whether they operate by sea, by air or overland, and we shall assess their capacity and experience when it comes to offering an appropriate service.

We shall verify your specific needs with regard to ensuring the proper protection and packaging of your cargo, including the correct fastening of the items to be transported.
We shall confirm the temporary warehousing possibilities for the cargo at the points of origin and destination, whilst the necessary customs procedures are completed.

No matter how difficult your oversized cargo is to handle, we are able to ship it based on the highest standards of quality.