Startrans offers you the logistical solution of the bulk liner in order to transport granulated or powdered products.

The bulk liner is a product that facilitates the transport of solid bulk in sea containers measuring 20′ and 40′, safely and without any risk of contaminating the product.

One of the great advantages of this system is the reduction of costs compared to other kinds of packaging.

The liner is made of a PP film or HDPE woven fabric, which are characterised by being extremely resistant, but maintain all their flexibility due to their highly elastic qualities. As an alternative, the fabrics can be lighter or heavier depending on our client’s product needs. The liner is also fitted with slots for placing the metal bars required for loading and unloading the container.

According to their needs, our clients can choose the position of the load and unload openings in the liners, although various standard models already exist.

The main products that can be transported in a sea container fitted with a bulk liner include the following:

Food products:
Sugar, malt, rice, soya, cereals, pulses, corn/flakes, oats/oatmeal, dried fruits and nuts, seeds, citric acid, coffee beans, cacao, potatoes/flour/flakes, salt

Non-food products:

PTA powder, nylon polymer, PP resin, PVC resin, aluminium powder, pigments, minerals, polyester granules, PE and PP granules, polycarbonate granules, ABS resins, colourants, starches, detergents.

The main sectors that require the use of bulk liners include the following: chemicals industry, food industry, cement, pharmaceuticals, minerals